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Finally be successful online


Without prior knowledge and major effort. We take care of design, SEO, complete marketing, and more...


Good websites are expensive, stores even more so, and you have no chance against Amazon? Save yourself the hassle. Boost your sales at a fair price.

No Shipping

You don't need a shipping department, no packaging madness, and no returns either.


Why IndieZone?


Get Discovered

Our marketplace connects local shops and businesses in your area. New customers will finally find your local store and your products where they search: online. With IndieZone as a partner, you reach new customers without prior knowledge and major effort, effectively complementing your local presence online. Customers still shop in your store.


Connect Tradition with Innovation

With IndieZone, you bring the strength of your local store to the digital world. We show the world what you have to offer. You don't have to give up personal selling to take advantage of an online marketplace: Because shipping isn't worth it - forget it. You do what you love to do and share your passion with people who appreciate it. Because that's why customers come to your store.


Achieve great Strength

IndieZone offers you more than just an online presence. As an all-in-one marketing solution, we take over everything that has frustrated you about marketing so far. Marketing is expensive, online marketing even more expensive, and still no chance against Amazon? Not with us, thanks to our fair subscription models. Become part of the IndieZone community and benefit from community projects and our integrated blog to stay up to date.


Our Mission

Strengthening local retail, boosting unique, locally produced products and sustainable consumption.

More about us

How it works


Register and Open a shop

We know how important your time is. That's why opening a shop is super easy and quick. In a few steps, you've set up your online shop and immediately reach new customers.


Upload products

Put your products online in no time, thanks to a simple interface and AI support for your product descriptions and images. This makes using it a breeze. Already have an online shop or an ERP system? No problem - quickly import all your products with our interface.


Convenient Selling in your Store

Sell your products as usual on-site, and save yourself all the packaging, shipping, and returns. Your customers enjoy personal advice and the opportunity to take their favourite products directly with them. Discover how you effortlessly combine tradition and innovation with IndieZone and unite the best of both worlds in your store.


Monitor your success

IndieZone provides full transparency about your success. With just one look at your merchant page, you can see how many customers have found you through us. This way, you can see at all times that IndieZone is worth it for you.



Do I have to upload products?

IndieZone offers three different subscription models. The cheapest model includes a mere shop presence on our platform. Therefore, listing products is not a requirement. However, we would strongly advise it, in order to give customers the best possible impression of what they can buy in your store.

What does IndieZone cost?

Unlike the online marketplace giants, IndieZone will not demand margins. We will follow a subscription model, which is not based on your turnover, but on the number of products listed. Since we are not yet on the market, our prices have not been fixed yet. However, the different subscription models are expected to range between €9 and €100 per month. We are currently in talks with various cities to offer our retailers free access.

Is the pre-registration binding?

Pre-registration with IndieZone is not binding, but it secures you a spot as soon as we enter your region. Of course, we will also inform you as soon as IndieZone goes online. Moreover, by pre-registering, you support us, as we can argue for a subsidy for your subscription due to the interest shown.

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