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Our Mission

Planning and Concept

In collaboration with various interest groups, we are developing a tailored platform that focuses on convenient, sustainable living and local offers. Our goal: To reduce the ecological footprint of ourselves and our cities together.


Challenge 1: Local Online-Marketplace

Our local online marketplace connects buyers with regional retailers, promoting local production instead of international imports. This eliminates climate-damaging shipping and returns, shipping employees are not exploited, and local productions become visible. We also want to integrate local service providers to promote local professionals. In this way, we contribute to sustainable urban development and the advancement of the local economy.


Challenge 2: Events

IndieZone provides a central event portal for local events. Here, events in the area can be discovered, local artists can be supported, and the social life in the city can be actively shaped. We make it quick and uncomplicated for anyone to spread their own events online via our platform. Whether it's jazz evenings in the basement bar next door, an art student's vernissage or official city events: Everything finds its place here and you find all these events in your neighborhood very easily.


Challenge 3: Organizations and Projects

We integrate clubs, projects, and non-profit organisations into our platform to promote social living. Here, you can find clubs in the area to make new social contacts. Also, exciting projects are waiting for new colleagues and local initiatives are looking forward to committed members. This way, people meet again in bustling and sustainable cities.


Challenge 4: Knowledge

IndieZone is dedicated to providing extensive, informative resources and practical tips on sustainable living. Our blog offers valuable insights into the latest developments and best practices in environmental and social responsibility. In addition, we offer online courses in which experts share their knowledge with you. In this way, we can help everyone, from residents to retailers, clubs and organisers to cities, to act more sustainably.


Even more ideas?

Get involved in our mission to make sustainable living easy. Share your ideas and suggestions with us to design an environmentally friendly and future-proof urban cityscape together.


Our Goals

From Vision to Reality.

Because Sustainable has to be Simple.

Join us on the Right Track to a Sustainable Future for Everyone!

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Why take the car when everything is just around the corner?

For a future without unnecessary traffic and pollution.

For a city that your grandchildren will still love.

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